Gold Mining Calims is recovering from a hack attack
Sorry, but this site was all but claim jumped and practically wiped out when our web-ring parent was hack attacked by Anonymous & Dirty Tricks, Inc, for our simply exercising our First Amendment "supply side" editorial right to comment on what the multi-national "financial control freaks" have done to individual American Citizens who are the only ones that have the legal right to stake a frontier style, Mining Law of 1872 claim in 19 states that have unappropriated Federal Lands open to mineral entry.

Apparently my suggestion that our small-business miners have been "free traded" away to Canada's Toronto Stock Exchange so they can use a bogus "In Canadian Interests 43-101 certification" as an excuse not to hire unqualified US mining professionals when the plan was to "pump and dump" stock, and not delivering earned options on American mining claims, was not well received.

Especially since I mentioned in print that foreign shell corporations have found the perfect excuse to clear out investors by a bankruptcy by blaming the failure on an unreasonable US Bureau of Land Management (where valid US claims are Federally registered) or the US National Forest Service that needs to manage both the underground mineral rights and the extremely valuable surface rights forests.

If free-trading away US mining and forestry jobs to Canada wasn't enough bizarre enough, the State of Alaska has followed by gifting travel jobs to a foreign CCL cruise line company that saves money by hiring in Las Vegas (thanks to the Jones Act); Japanese lumber milling jobs as we supposedly are not smart enough to know that the house building 2x4 standard is really a 35mm x 90mm that accommodates a Canadian 1.22 x 2.44m pressed plywood chipboard (thanks to Clinton's NW Forestry Act protecting the spotted owl, which was later revealed not to be endangered); and the stupidest of all being the Alaska Department of Lands preference given to foreign corporations using EB-5 green cards being sold to import Asian workers!

This follows Alaska, being the sole state in the Union to have their own mining claim regulations that seem to be administered by the whim of the bureaucrats of an agency that changes their mind whenever a Recording District is no longer open to file claims, and their time-sensitive Assessment Affidavits and recording sent by certified mail are rejected. Which unfortunately was the fate of the 1980 wintertime, properly done claim posting, shown above, which I put in by ski-mountaineering in 20-below zero weather.

I am not making any of this up for dramatic effect. Excuse me for complaining, but I lost the silver property claims featured on this page header, and in How? For a spelling error between the T/S/Range being Steward Meridian, and the Stewart Meridian. A personal 40-year loss of a $400,000 investment, because I for the only time ever applied previous assessment work on ADL numbered and platted claims without putting boots on the ground. The vital un-filed papers were returned by registered mail a week after the drop-dead date along with my uncashed check. What a perfect Catch Twenty-Two sequal.

Allegedly an Alaska Department of Lands clerk responded to pointed questions with a ... "Well Murray just didn't care about the claims anymore!" This "nowhere, nohow" attitude at the ADL also seems to have been prevailed when it came time to pay the claim rental fees of $5,000, using "an online service that accepts credit cards".

This non-compliance by trying to use the ADL's newly adaption of electronic form filing also happened during the great hack attack, which may explain why it took seven months for an also hacked ADL(?) to mail to an old address the notification that due to my failure to pay by credit card, the claims had been declared open for re-entry by anyone other than me. Which left the Green Card Chinese / Canadian Free Trading TSX overstaking claim jumpers in the top position.

This low level arbitrary bureaucratic decision, even though I had been experimenting outside with 25 tons of stockpiled galena ore, containing 100 ounces of silver per ton, by using an Irish pig pot to smelt out the lead, and then nano fine crush the photovoltaic slag for simple embedding in a SiO2 base for a solar roofing as explained in what is now a very defunct that now longer will have access to the claims.

Sorry, Alaska, for not getting a revolutionary US jobs-creating business, I most likely will respond to the possible corruption of selling this Alaskan, since 1968, out.

I will also be having trouble establishing revised editions of my long-standing Just 0ne of 50 "State" uniform TravelMagazine URLs that also, overnight lost advertising revenue.

That is once I find an editor not afraid of being interned in America's Gulag. Since I also lost my log cabin home that I had helped build in 1968 on a Federal Trade and Manufacturing Site, that disappeared when the state selected the ground covered by two USGS bulletins, for their everchanging ADL regulations, I burned my registered voter card, and free old-timer hunting and fishing licence.

Am I legally right to be mad? Hell yes. The State of Alaska not only one of a few states that treats a small business LLC as a SECURITY, Alaska's poor imitation of the US Mining Law of 1872, also favors in Sec. 38.05.190 of the mining rights under AS 38.05.185 - 38.05.275 may be acquired or held by:

(3) Persons at least 18 years of age who have declared their intention to become citizens (Whoopie! I declare, I do, I do) of the United States and

(5) Corporations organized under the laws of the United States or of any state or territory of the United States and qualified to do business in this state! (Funny!)

Maybe this "third world state" should have held out for a corporate Commonwealth as did Puerto Rico, and matched Alaska Mining Laws with Alaska Mining Corporations to get around Wall Streets' anti-natural resources war with a SEC Reg 'D' exclusion for mining.

Add that to another quirk that all the large TSX corporations that control Alaska mining somehow aren't concerned that a State of Alaska 3% royalty collected for the Alaska Permanent Fund use on the export of oil before it leaves the state, somehow is not reflected in "mineral umpire assays" supposedly collected "when sold" through foreign smelters.

So what to do if you were born into being a 99% "sheeple", so often herded into a corral for flocking? Remember that as an old fashioned US citizen, you still can legally stake a claim. Since we are just on the verge of a long overdue cyclic GOLD RUSH ... get busy!

Make some new finds before the crowd following tramps you right into the ground. This website doesn't have anything valid to sell anymore to the financial wizards calling, looking for "Operating Gold Mines for sale for no money down."

For an example of what we would back with 60 years of gold mining experience, these are some of the packages we would love to present as VALID. This Alaska opportunity (mixed Federal and State Claims) is next door to a Vietnamese operation also"stolen" from Alaskan's.

The Anvil Creek PDF is a good representation of the level of documentation needed to attract for-real investors interested in a joint venture, lease, or outright sale of measured tonnage, or the claims themselves.

Now that we are coming back to the reality of publishing honest opinions, we need more to offer reader's who know how to read past a limited text tweet promising a quick 20% return, as follows:

Ironically I know this property very well for being a next door neighbor back in the 1970's. Our LLC had been funded by a grubstake gone bonker's by my 12.5% partner wife running of with her mental health counselor, just at a time when the ADL decided that separate mineral structures could not be connected by not productive claims to control vast Sections of Moose Pasture that did not have a discovery post.

Wellsir, as Forest Gump would have reported, some nice, well-dressed gentleman with a spiffy tie somehow got that reversed so that mega-out-of-country mining companies could close out opportunities in say, the BLM's designated Kuskokwim Gold Belt, information that was all but discarded when Congress decided the U.S. Bureau of Mines was too expensive.

And since we haven't been able to maintain our reputation for only presenting gold projects that actually stand a chance of making a mining project, let me suggest to long term retirement investors that still have a $10 paper bill (no longer on the gold standard, in their wallet) well just mentally change the color of gold to gray by clicking on this PDF Business Plan.

You will find that recognizing this just discovered affordable insulating building material that Alaska is is probably going to have to deal with Russia to come anywhere near what envisioned with

Sorry for any search engine 404 errors you may be running into looking for free "how to" information. The hack attack sort of ended a 20 year "free" Internet experiment where banner advertising funded the publishing of my opinions.

Now you may need to access future book chapters in my, or, to learn the tricks and traps that have lead to my spending too much time on redoing a destroyed in time to lend my support to political candidates that understand that Alaskan seasonable jobs are absolutely needed to make it through an ever-changing Global Climate Change winter.

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