Due to the fact that this URL for years has been a USA small gold miners supply side directory web site, operating fairly under the "Prudent Investors," U.S. Mining Law 0f 1872
that recognizes the "Gold is where a US citizen has found it" standard... at war lately with international insider trading gold miner financial gold side wizards, SEC sanctioned to get away with blatantly advertising to widows and orphans, or worse ... to herds of sheep corralled to be flocked... where individual's 401K retirement plans are blindly platform traded into what has become a global credit default swap nightmare where only physical hard assets will survive.

As exactly happening right now with the over-leveraged BrExit collapse of the London Credit Bridge loans between the manipulated London Metals Exchange [LME] and the very Best Liar London Banks of the [LIBOR]. absolutely requires that we pay attention to the truth that we need to protect our American Internet readers, and American small mining claims owners, from a sinister James Bond villains giving the US the "Gold Finger"! Can't you just hear the entertainment tonight theme song of ZERO BONDs, rapped by a barefoot millionaire chorus? With a cameo appearance of that retired poster girl doing an reprise of her comedic advertising tag line, "Where's the Gold?

Unfortunately, just as a lack of actual physical minerals assets of any kind in hand, or stragetic stockpiles, is about ready to light a fuse on a long overdue "Old West" Supply Side Gold Rush, of stampeding Bulls, most individual property owners are not answering expensive satellite robodialed telephone calls from "tire kickers" suggesting that if they as a US claim holder actually had a proven Canadian Bear Tactic of a TSX 43-101 certified assay, less than two years old (? on rocks millions of years old), in an already working gold gold mine, to sell for no real USD money down made possible by the claim holder collateralizing his own property... then sign here on a simple, Queen's Bench lawyer approved, quitclaim deed?

Consequently, as we have not been paid our established standard $300 to list properties ... never ourselves on a shady finder fee broker basis... that we think have possibilities, including our Canadian Klondike cousins, also suffering from Vancouver, BC securities 2% benificial mismanagement of "pump and dump" schemes.

Given the mining investment chaos that "annonmys" hackers have created, any new projects we have listed lately locked downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF... protection for you from spoofing and phishing out of the Ukraine, China, Russia, the Middle East, and that infamous offshore banking island of Manhattan. Your part in fighting international fraud is doing your own due diligence by reading all the way through less than TSX 43-101 certified geological reports, mostly written by disrespected American geologists, university researchers, and underfunded US agencies, bureaus, and individual state departments of mineral industries... to find the US claim owners protected E-mail reply address and phone number:

And as Dan and Cindy are hard at work making gold right now, which really isn't legal tender anyhow, you might need to charter an Alaskan bush plane to do your own due diligence ...as satellite phone time is so expensive... before going to the mountain.

I also suggest you download the spoof and phishing protected 19 page PDF here, to try help beat the aggressive Asian funded takeover of the claims next door.

I know about this as a couple of vet friends of mine for surviving the Korean, and Viet Nam wars, lost out to communist Hanoi and Hong Kong capitalism. Thanks, in part, to gag orders on US Freedom of Information Facts hiding the bureaucratic Alaska Departments of Lands bias towards multinational mischief of selling EB-5 green cards to replace Alaskan non-Canadian interests 43-101 jobs.

After the Assessment Year ends September 1, go to my www.AlaskaMining.com, to understand my personal bias over bureacratic blunders.

And to cover over a shortage of valid stock offering of identifiable mineral wealth assets, through mining claims actually controlled by individuals, instead of hard to verify corporations and capital LLC's, we are suggesting that "feed stocks" ready to be milled and marketed may have just a bit more promise of ROI return than the recent flipping of yet-another-fast-food-chain hamburger IPO on the sidewalk outside the NYSE.

The "Grey Gold" connection here is that these rare earths rock has a proven in-ground $10 per ton value equal to that of larger U.S. open pit gold mines. With the bonus that similar nepheline syenite minus -325 face powder 'mine tailings' are selling for $250 per ton in China.

Being that these 32 twenty acre claims (a square mile) opportunity are so uniform, and backed by a 500 million tons of reserves to depth, there are actually three separate opportunities for those bold enough to put their money into something very real. Again your do-it-yourself homework will require reading a PDF to find the contact address.

All that dosen't glitter can be as valuable as gold.

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